Pumping Services

Pumping Services

With over 3000+ portable toilets currently in service in Hawaii, it takes a team of highly trained and dedicated Paradise Lua Inc technicians, along with a fleet of well serviced and maintained vehicles to service each unit on a weekly basis.

Here at Paradise Lua Inc. we are extremely proud of our Service department, especially the professionalism and “Esprit de Corps” they demonstrate daily. “Let’s face it, its dirty work”.

Our field technicians are responsible for the complete cleanliness, sanitation and overall operation of each portable toilet unit on their designated service route.

A (7) point inspection is completed by our field technicians for each unit.

  1. Restroom to be placed in a convenient and accessible location on level ground.
  2. Holding tank will be emptied and interior debris removed.
  3. Holding tank will be refilled with earth-friendly deodorizer.
  4. Toilet seat, interior walls, urinal, the exterior and the floor will be sprayed with disinfectant, cleaned & dried.
  5. Interior will be sprayed with a special deodorizer.
  6. Toilet paper dispenser will be restocked with 2 rolls, paper towels restocked.
  7. Field Technician will inspect each unit for minor damage or repairs.