Hale Lua Hawaii was founded in the 1960’s in Waianae, Hawaii by George Grace Jr. It’s a charming story of a husband’s mutual love for his Wife Polly and his love for fishing. After Feeling helpless and frustrated with watching his beloved wife suffering and shivering in wet clothing after she reluctantly went into the cold water to “Shee-shee”, subsequently each time forcing them to pack-up and ending the fishing trip sooner than he anticipated. George, with his two loves in mind, quickly put his construction ingenuity to work. Polly fondly recalls her husband George Jr, disassembling parts from “this and that” and reassembling them together to ultimately create Paradise Lua’s very first portable toilet prototype. Not only was Polly very happy, you can bet George Jr. was as well.”Happy Wife, Happy Life”

George began using his new portable toilet at work on remote construction job sites, and everyone was intrigued. What began as a means for prolonged fishing trips and a love for his wife Polly, George Jr. now found himself making history.

In 1994, continuing a legacy three generations strong, George III and Wife Jeanette Grace became Co-Owners of Paradise Lua Inc. Since then, George and Jeanette, along with their children and family, have worked vigorously to uphold the quality standards and tradition of excellence inaugurated over 40 years ago.  Paradise Lua has evolved beyond and will continue to grow its services.

Paradise Lua Inc. and the Grace Family greatly appreciate the continued support from friends, customers and clients who’ve supported and entrusted us with their service needs all these many years. “Thank You” for the opportunity to allowing Our Ohana to become a part of yours.