Hale NuiBack

Height: 92.5 inches
Width: 85.2 inches
Length: 92.4 inches

• 50 Gallon Holding Tank

Height: 91 inches
Width: 62 inches
Length: 62 inches

• 33 Gallon Holding Tank

Handicap Unit

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Certified Special Needs Unit

Majority of our Handicap units meet all ADA requirements, all others are wheelchair accessible:

Features include:

  • Spacious room for easy
  • Full wrap-around safety grab bar
  • Low threshold for easy access
  • Easy open door latch and auto lock door closure (which provides easy accessibility and security for visual and or physically impaired)

We also have Handicap Units mounted onto towable trailers for your convenience.

We recommend that all event coordinators include at least one Wheelchair Accessible Unit per "group" of units. Ensure 10% of your total number of units are handicapped units. For events with a higher number of individuals in wheelchairs, increase the amount